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The Automatic To Do List Prioritizer

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Lepidoptera is two things. First, it is a place to keep your to-do list online. Second, it is a comparison engine that will help you prioritize the tasks on your list.

When your to-do list is online, you can access it anywhere - at home, at work or on your phone. Keeping a list is only half the battle, however. Prioritizing a list is the difficult part. Did you know a simple list of 10 items could be ordered in over 3 MILLION different ways? It's no wonder we sometimes look at our to-do lists and give up because we don't know where to start.

Lepidoptera reduces that complexity to a human-capable scale. Instead of deciding among three million possible orderings, just tell Lepidoptera which of two tasks is higher priority. Behind the scenes, the comparison engine is choosing the best matchups and re-ranking your items after every comparison. Do that enough times, and Lepidoptera will automagically order your whole list for you.

Try it!

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